Monday, February 27, 2012

easy as 1..2..3

Remember about the clutch fever post I did recently? well..this morning all of a sudden my "creativity bulb" just turned onx9...I was checking the web on how to make a clutch w/out having to sew- a) I suck at sewing b) I dont have the bloody patience to do itxD and found lots on just gluing..

so..I went to the discount shop and started hunting materials that I could use to either glue or andi came across this bright yellow table mat!I was super excited..but then underneath it were all these super cool 3D ones and I thought - i HAVE to get them..
so I chose a under the sea one because of superpop colours:D

But i reliesed that it was made out of some kind of vinyl- so it would be hard to glue unless I used the superstrong one..and I just couldnt bother to get my hands and skin all sticky and I thought- hey why not staple it!hahaha

So for those out there who are confused on finding the right clutch for's a super easy one to make - no glue..and most important no fuss;))enjoy! and please do tell me what you guys think:) Thanks!
What you need:
table placemat - stapler - velcro- nail polish- top coat 
additional: scotch tape - gems (optional)
and start clutching away;D

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