Friday, February 3, 2012

ink me

ahhhhh i sooo want a tattoo...but I still need a LOOOT of thinking (and savingup ) to do..afterall once you get ink- its forever imprinted until the very day you go away from this world..I need something that I can still admire in the next 30 - 50 -70 years and not regret why I chose a baby cartoon as my first or maybe only one..hahah no offence to those w/ cartoon tattoos-  some are realllly good while others I'm sorry I must say could probably be done better by our 3 year old cousins..

so here are a few tattoos that I love..admire..or just think are superawesome..
photo: tattoologist
photo: fashiontoastgonerogue
photo: alicethink
photo: google
photo: thefeathergirl
photo: ink
Seriously I could post hundreds of other inspirations..its a neverending storyxD i bookmarked about 10 tattoo-inspired blogs on my computer! we'll see how it goesx) thinking of getting something small on the side of one of my fingers and a picture/text on my back/neck/rib hahaha..sigh..cant wait until the day comes for me to get my very own ink!x9


  1. glinkaaa kangen dehhhh, aku uda kirim emailnya nyampe ga ya dr wktu ituu... and i love the first tattoo OMG

  2. i always want to have (at least :p) one too
    but same as you, still cant decide 'what' :p


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