Sunday, February 26, 2012

clutch fever

as most of you guys may know- the new IT bag now is the CLUTCH..we've been seeing all the fashionista out there carrying them to all the fashion week shows..not to mention the stylish fashion bloggers and celebrities too of course..
still figuring out what colour/model to get-or even whether to actually get one/not.. I'm really more of a 'bigbag' kinda girl- but then again having a clutch to accompany me on a girls' night out or a party wouldn't be so badx9
source: google /swellemayde/rosemaryontv/callohcay


  1. I've been planning to get myself a clutch for a long time ago but I never find the cute one that is still appropriate to boys hahahaha :D And oh yes of course big clutch is a huge trend right now, everyone starts to carrying it around!

  2. hihihi..actually i think dark colourblock like navy/maroon/dark green paired with black would be nice for guys:)) yes theyre everywhere!..starting to get really obsessed with them-sayangnya kalau untuk jalan2 im more of a "bigbag" kinda girlxD..


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