Monday, February 27, 2012

easy as 1..2..3

Remember about the clutch fever post I did recently? well..this morning all of a sudden my "creativity bulb" just turned onx9...I was checking the web on how to make a clutch w/out having to sew- a) I suck at sewing b) I dont have the bloody patience to do itxD and found lots on just gluing..

so..I went to the discount shop and started hunting materials that I could use to either glue or andi came across this bright yellow table mat!I was super excited..but then underneath it were all these super cool 3D ones and I thought - i HAVE to get them..
so I chose a under the sea one because of superpop colours:D

But i reliesed that it was made out of some kind of vinyl- so it would be hard to glue unless I used the superstrong one..and I just couldnt bother to get my hands and skin all sticky and I thought- hey why not staple it!hahaha

So for those out there who are confused on finding the right clutch for's a super easy one to make - no glue..and most important no fuss;))enjoy! and please do tell me what you guys think:) Thanks!
What you need:
table placemat - stapler - velcro- nail polish- top coat 
additional: scotch tape - gems (optional)
and start clutching away;D

fruits and starts

Golden moment

ahh..the OSCARS - all the fame, glory and of course glamour:) these are a few of my favourite looks of the red carpet galore

Best Supporting Actress indeed- Congratulations!

If I had a body like that-at that age I would so wear this
this dress really reminds me of a traditional Indonesian gown - the kebaya..hmm..Biyan inspired?
either way I LOVE and the red lipstick?great touch!
the dress is gorgeous- just wish she wore red

source: google, celebuzz

Sunday, February 26, 2012

clutch fever

as most of you guys may know- the new IT bag now is the CLUTCH..we've been seeing all the fashionista out there carrying them to all the fashion week shows..not to mention the stylish fashion bloggers and celebrities too of course..
still figuring out what colour/model to get-or even whether to actually get one/not.. I'm really more of a 'bigbag' kinda girl- but then again having a clutch to accompany me on a girls' night out or a party wouldn't be so badx9
source: google /swellemayde/rosemaryontv/callohcay

Thursday, February 23, 2012

minnie mouse

Ally sheer blouse/DIY peterpan pearl necklace/F21 high-waisted skirt/DIY heart tights/LV bag/Betts tbar wedges
what you need:
   step 1
 step 2
 step 3
and voila!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


the beauty of summer - golden sun, fruity splashes of colour and beautiful blue skies..yes eventhough at times it feels like we live in a boiling pot but I cant help smile when the sun is out..

thrifted dress(Redcross)/COUNTRYROAD gladiators/LOVISA bracelets

Friday, February 17, 2012

fox the wild

source: stylehunter, teacupboutique,oraclefox,weheartit,leracked

roses are red and candy maybe too

LOVISA peter-pan beaded collar necklace/thrifted knitted sweater/random belt/ICONIAcarrotpants/thrifted rotan bag/sportsgirl wooden wedges

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Have a nice and colourful day