Thursday, March 1, 2012

ring the alarm

i love browsing through people's ring collections- so I decided to takeout a few of my favourite rings and apparently I need morexp like waaaay more...(1)my favourites (2)my go-to for everyday (3) probably my most favourite one 
im in love with miniature things and when I saw this fish bowl one i instantly fell in love with it- but at that time the price was a bit too much for such a small unfortunately all I could do was stare at it until my friends had to drag me out of the storexD
then one day my dear roommate gave me a little package and it was this little fishie!!!:")) she gave it to me as a sort of graduation gift..she knows me well..and until today its still one of the sweetest gifts I recieved:D..

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  1. woah your collections are amazing. loving the big flower one <3 where did you got em all?


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