Monday, June 7, 2010

museum bahari

DIY tshirt/vintage printed scarf/supre belt/vintage levi's jeans/floral printed sneakers
(ph: Malik)
last saturday my aunt's e.o production held a sort of amazing race for their the panitias of the acara, we all were assigned to a post located around kota tua..its been forever since ive been to that part of town..oh how i could go there more often..i love the old buildings and how it holds a history behind it..knowing that they stood the test of time and the changes of society is something that i cant express with was a great day-one of the very few days i get to spend outdoors without melting ( although the heat was crazy..but i enjoyed every minute of it) hope u all had a great weekend!;D


  1. nice scarf, kak. :)

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  2. already saw your style at girlfriend. geez, you're so damn hot!

    please check mine ya thx

  3. GF was right.
    Simple but stylish! btw i love your scarf kak :D hehe.

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  4. I saw you in GF magazine, cool!
    Love this scarf, very colorful and pretty.. :)

  5. I found your blog on Chictopia and I'm glad I did because it's great! You have amazing style so I'll be sure to come by often to visit.

  6. great, would you mind to exchange link

  7. aww great pictures!! lovely blog! already follow your blog :)

  8. really nice jeans :) nice blog here

  9. thank u all so much for ur eversweet comments!!ill definitely add ur blog to my bookmark:D


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