Saturday, January 28, 2012

kiss the boys and make them cry

 nyla blazer/sequined bra/thrifted khaki/OFFICE boots

Very long time no see nor write nor taken outfit pictures hohoho
A lotttt has happened over the past few months- ive moved to Australia..I lost my dear LEICA camera at LHR airport on my trip to visit my best going to take masters in EarlyChildhoodEducation..and ive just turned a year older (today)xp.. The older I get the more I realize that age is really just a number..Its up to u to decided how mature/childish you want to be..

How r u all? How was new year's? I know its pretty late of me to ask..but really hope you all had a awesome celebration- even if you slept through the night;)

for 2012- one thing I can say is that its the year where most of the people I know are getting married..this year I got 4 wedding invitations from my closest friends..Time really does fly fast when you start growing upxD..


  1. oh my god u look so sexy! so grown up! hahahaha. and happy bday sweetheart! i just posted a wish on ur facebook wall actually! :p

    so sad to hear that u lost ur leica! *darn it costs an arm and a leg* :(

    u have to blog more! hahaha

    1. ARIOOOOO darling....awwww thanks dearrrrr:D hihihi sudah dapat balasanku kan di FB? hihihi... im trying for a more "mature"lookxp hehehehe...
      iya nih..leicaku ntah tau skrg dimana..hopefully its being taken good care ofxD.. it cost more than an arm and a butt..semuanya dah haahah..

      iya nih..ketinggalan bgt nih..abies semuanya udah keren2..malu aku gak bisa update/utak atik dsign blog hahaha/// thanks for the support!

      GOOD LUCK w/ everything!!! see u wo tsukete ne(^.^)v xoxo

  2. oh, i really LOVE this !
    you look so cool and hot ;)
    that bra is gorgeous !
    i want one :D :D


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