Wednesday, November 17, 2010

favourite blogger of the moment

Its been a while since ive stopped by chictopia (as we all know its one of THE inspiring style blogs out there)..and its always mandatory to checkout their style gallery for updates and inspirations for your wardrobe..
I came across one user's chicblog and instantly fell in love with her cute and quirky style..She's also the owner of her own vintage online store RedMeraVintage..u must drop by her blog and check out her online store!! lots of amazing pieces that I wish i could raid it all..dear Miss Shikha, I adore your style and starting today-ur blog is bookmarked for my everyday inspiration:D


  1. i've checked her blog! :) i love the third photo here, great styling!

  2. Hello there, this is wonderfully strange to stumble upon. Thank you so much!!

    It's even more strange because im actually holidaying in Indonesia at the moment! I love it here :)



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